Credits : Anastasia Pistofidou, Fabtextiles
Links: fabtextiles.org/fab12-exhibition-shenzhen/

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Introduction to soft fabrication and the use of digital fabrication applied on textiles and fashion

New mediums of production and accessibility to new technologies are changing the way we learn, design, produce and consume. Fashion education and the industry are still in the process of adaptation to the new technologies and the open source culture. Innovative processes and multidisciplinary synergies are defining the new era, which calls upon the awareness of the way things are made and the opportunities that the new tools offer to innovate and reimagine the future.

This TRAINNING will focused on transmitting Digital Fabrication and New Technologies applied in Bhutanese Fashion. Digital fabrication allows us to experiment with the way we design, produce and consume fashion introducing the participants to 3D modelling, parametric design, 3D printing, new techniques and materials.

Skills covered in this courses are:

    Presentation of the Roadmap of the fab textiles Bhutan projects.
    Molding Felt and CNC milling - Hands on work
    Introduction to 3D printing applied in textile
    Integrating soft circuits in the garment -
    Basic Tilt sensor with LED circuit