Promote an ageprogressive, levelincreasing, and experience-enriched opportunity to expand the impact of FIRST in
the Bhutanese youth with a sustainable, scalable, and effective project.

Through the progression of the FIRST programs, it is sought that these opportunities are opened to more students and the interest for STEM careers increases.

Collaborative Vision

Through the establishment of a FIRST Bhutan project, a solid partnership between Mexico and Bhutan can come together as a message of cooperation and friendship for the opening of global opportunities in the new generations. By working together we seek to impulse STEM education as a tool for progress and peace for our society worldwide.



FIRST Bhutan is a project aimed to promote, expand, and increase the impact and number of young students involved in STEM education through the FIRST programs. Through the collaboration of FabLab Bhutan and FIRST Robotics Competition team tCATs 5526, the purpose is to create a sustainable, enduring, and enriching project that achieves generating opportunities of interest towards STEM fields, progress, personal development, and innovation in the Bhutanese youth. By opening and mentoring teams, holding STEM-related events, and promoting the project to all possible stakeholders (national and internationally), the goal is to strengthen the relevance of STEM in Bhutan and the importance of cooperation and partnerships between international entities to create global friendships and working for a common goal.

Core Objectives

  • Increase the amount of students that participate in STEM-related, multidisciplinary, experience-rich activities like FIRST
  • Make robotics more accesible to kids and teenagers from all around the world,fomenting STEM education as a basic tool for youth development
  • Encourage STEM education as a way for promoting peace and progress in every nation
  • Exponentialize the impact of the FIRST programs, not only to students of all ages, but also to the organizations and institutions that support STEM-related activities
  • Create a strong partnership between Mexico and Bhutan through STEM knowledge, cultural exchanges, and the development of international community projects.
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    Knoweledge partner tCATs 5526

    tCATs 5526 is a team originated from the city of Torreon, Coahuila in northeast Mexico, with operations as well in the Monterrey Metropolitan Area in the state of Nuevo Leon. Founded in the 2015 season in the American School of Torreon (Colegio Americano de Torreon) and sponsored by Industrias Peñoles, tCATs 5526 has achieved in the FIRST Robotics Competition program several recognitions such as Entrepreneurship Award and Rookie All Star Award at the Mexico City Regional 2015, Safety Finalist Award at the Montreal Regional 2016, Engineering Inspiration and Winners Award at the Lone Star Central Regional 2017, Quality Award at the Laguna Regional 2018, and its most important, the World Rookie All-Star Award for the Newton-Hopper Divisions at the FIRST Championship 2015.