"At Fablab Bhutan we love having interns working alongside us exploring the possibilities of the lab. To simplify the process we have made this page for potential interns to read through and apply for an internship at our lab. If this is in your interest then you can read more about it below:
As a general rule of thumb you will be using 1/3 of your time on helping students and organizing the lab and 1/3 getting to know the machines and 1/3 on your own projects.

What to expect from us:

  • We will teach you how to use the main machines (Laser cutter, CNC, 3D printer etc.).
  • You will get ongoing mentoring/dialogue throughout the period.
  • You will get access to the lab 24/7.
  • You will have access to multiple talented people which you can tap for knowledge

What we expect from you:

  • To contribute to the lab (see the idea catalogue below).
  • Most days we expect you to structure your own time. So we need you to be self-reliant in doing so.
  • Help the users of the lab. Typically: Laser-cutting, cnc-mulling, equipment handling etc.
  • Make at least one guide/toturial/blogpost a month about a project or a solution.
  • To be present within the opening hours:
    • Monday, wednesday, thursday, friday: 10-16.
    • Tuesday: 12-21.
  • Twice a year we have a two week workshop. In those days we expect you to help out full time with the student projects.
  • To make a short one page report about your stay to put on our website.

Practical info:

  • If the internship is more than two months then we have a mutual one month termination period.
  • The stay will not include any salary from Fablab Bhutan.
  • Please note you are not insured by Fablab Bhutan’s insurance as you are not employed. It is therefore important you are insured by your home university or are covered by private liability and health insurance. There may be exceptions to this rule in case of working with interns coming from a Bhutanese School.