"Since its foundation of global Fabrication Labaratory, It has enjoyed significant successes, became well integrated into the political landscape, expanded its membership, and hosted increasingly high-profile events. While taking pride in these accomplishments, the Fablab Bhutan will follow the path and develop our new strategic plan to improve and solidify its position as a leading innovation and reseach labaratory in Bhutan"

Goal 1: Research

Create pathways to maximize the competitive advantage of Fablab Bhutan´s members in innovation and techonology-related environmental research


  1. Facilitate communication about research in innovation and collaboration among member institutions and strategic alliances.
  2. Identify key topics in research and education, and establish effective working groups.
  3. Provide Bhutanese industry the opportunities to link with researchers who can help them succeed

Goal 2: Education

  1. Establish a Bhutan Fabrication Education Working Group
  2. Sponsor student events and competitions that focus on innovation and entreprenuers careers
  3. Promote innovation-related academic programs offered by member institutions.
  4. Facilitate collaboration among member institutions seeking grants in business education

Goal 3: Business Connections


Establish, build, and strengthen partnerships between Fablab Bhutan´s  members/user, business, and industry to foster mutual innovation, entreprenuership and creativity sector interests.