Fablab Bhutan is devoted to translating knowledge into real value for our society.

We’re the people who actually make an impact in changing the world for the better – we leave just endlessly talking about it to other people. On our platform people who want to help meet people, who are in need of support. Directly & transparent. When will you join? Above all you! You and the tens of thousands of world-improvers, who make grow and thrive. A small team located in Berlin-Kreuzberg works on bringing even more people to join them, and improving the process of world-improvement itself.

When we share our stories with the media and our benefeceries and partners, we ensure an even higher level of knowledge-sharing.

We are open to sharing with both the general public and with the very small audience. What is important is that the knowledge that is generated is shared.

We are very happy to help the media and our partners find the right specialist, procure material, statements, analyses, photos, or whatever else you may need.

Would you have any enquiry, you can always call or write to us:
E: / T:+975 77 34 23 18 / M: +975 17 42 82 06