Inauguration of fablab Bhutan.

Inauguration of fablab

The awaited moment finally arrived on the 20th of july 2017. Prime Minister of Bhutan Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay together with the Professor Neil Gershenfeld (Director of MIT) followed by The JICA Chief Representative Koji Yamada, Representative from Education Ministry,Representative from Labour Ministry,Representative from trade Ministry, Massachusetts institute of technology delegations,(USA). Representative from Bhutan Toilet Organisation ,Representative from Green Road,Representative from Dumba 3_D works,Private firms and the invited guest, officially launched fablab Bhutan.

Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay shared his appreciation and the goal to have Fablab in every central school in Bhutan.Prime Minister also stated his concern .He exemplified that in rural villages, kids make their own toys but in urban places the availability of ready made toys seem to kill creativity in children .”I was concerned that we might lose it but the answer in Bhutan now is Fablab where ideas can be translated into reality”

Koji Yamada (JICA Chief Representative of Japan) shared his amazement over having seen Bhutan finally have Fablab and a dream come true.He stated,” What i can do from now on is to mobilize the whole JICA fraternities to make full use of the Fablab Bhutan as potential uses and to prepare for the second and third Fablabs in the rural towns in Bhutan before i complete my assignment and leave the country.”

Fablab Bhutan would like to thank- Team fablab from other
-Central Monk body,
-Bhutan Broadcasting
-Kuensel corporation,
-Traffic police,
-Hotel Pedling for the catering and finally Doeger Phuensum for your assistance throughout the inauguration ceremony.
thank you all of you for making it a memorable one.
with regards
Team fablab.