VR/AR Plumbing Laboratory

Fablab Bhutan in Collaboration with Ministry of Labour and Human Resource and in partnership with Mercantec Technical College and VIA University College in Denmark to introduce a VR/AR plumbing laboratory in two TTI in Bhutan.

Skills shortages are one of the critical constraints to the growth of the private sector and diversification of the economy in Bhutan.

Chummy Technical Institute (CTI) in Central Bhutan and Jigme Wangchuk Power Training Institute (JWPTI Sarpang) has significant potential, existing skill and human capital but would benefit from technical skills development under guidance from Ministry of Labour and Human Resource (MoLHR). MoLHR has identified a technical skills developer –Mercantec Technical College of Denmark (MTC), Via University College of Denmark (VIA UC) and Fabrication Laboratory of Bhutan (Fablab Bhutan). This respective stakeholder is highly qualified to inject necessary technical assistance in plumbing sector of Bhutan. Training would positively impact the planned national TVET policy up scaling and contribute meaningfully to the development of the plumbing sector in Bhutan.

Future Plumbing Lab  – Looks  & Feels

3D Model Tools for Plumbing


Flagship VR/ Plumbing Laboratory of Bhutan